Simon Gotch Told The Story Of WWE’s Locker Room Watching ‘The Final Deletion’

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05.15.17 7 Comments

It’s been 10 whole months since Impact Wrestling aired “The Final Deletion,” the transcendent masterwork from Matt and Jeff Hardy. The impact (no pun intended) of “The Final Deletion” is still being felt, and directly led not just to the career revitalization of both Hardys, but their eventual return to WWE.

There have been a lot of people reporting over the past year that scores of people backstage at WWE loved “The Final Deletion” (and we could have assumed as much, given that disastrous pre-taped fight between the New Day and the Wyatt Family at the Wyatt Compound — which was never mentioned again).

Luckily, recently-released Vaudevillain Simon Gotch is now here to not only confirm those stories, but let us know the specific ins and outs of how everyone in the WWE locker room got hold of “The Final Deletion,” and how much John Cena loved it. On the latest episode of the Journey of a Frontman podcast, Goth relayed the entire tale of the backstage viewing party.

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