The Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage Is Allegedly Haunting A Florida Wrestling Promotion

Maybe there’s something in the air following the announcement that wrestling legend Macho Man Randy Savage is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Maybe the planets (particularly JUPITER and SAT-TURN) have aligned. Maybe it’s Madness manifesting itself in spirit form, but the ghost of the Macho Man is now allegedly haunting a Florida wrestling promotion.

We get some crazy stuff on our tip line, but this is the most intriguing. Via reader Kenny Eichenberg:

I was at a Local wrestling event in Live Oak FL, on 02/07/2015 and was taking pictures, I posted one to Facebook and a few hours later people were saying that it looked like a ghostly figure of “The Macho Man” Randy Savage was in the photo.

See for yourself:

That’s referee Josh Hill in the ring for Extreme Pro Wrestling on the left, SPECTER OF POFF on the right. Somebody put Madusa, Gorgeous George and Molly Holly in Proton Packs and send them in to investigate.

What do you think? Is Macho Man returning to Earth to accept his own Hall of Fame induction, or did they just give him a really great payday?