The Real Reason Brooke Hogan Broke Up With Phil Costa Will (Absolutely Not) Shock You

As longtime readers may know, Hulk Hogan’s weird crush on his daughter Brooke is one of our favorite (read: very least favorite) running jokes. It’s super weird. He married a woman close to Brooke’s age who looks exactly like her. He ends up in photos like the one above, and takes Instagram photos of her legs. TNA Impact Wrestling devoted an entire storyline to how he didn’t approve of or trust anyone who tried to date her, routinely treating the 26-year old Brooke like a 12-year old.

Back in November, Brooke suddenly ended her engagement to Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa, claiming that she wanted to focus on her music career. Today, an interview with Dallas radio station The Fan reveals the REAL reason for their breakup, and you guessed it: The Hulkster forbade.

“I love the Dallas Cowboys, been a fan forever. But, my daughter was engaged to one of those guys and he didn’t walk the walk and talk the talk. I put a bullet in that really quick. There was no way my daughter was going to marry somebody that I don’t like that got me mad, or has got in my face.”

There you have it, folks. Only ONE man can rub suntan lotion on the inside of Brooke Hogan’s thighs.

If that doesn’t sound like enough of a Hulk Hogan tall tale to you, the followup paragraphs should fix that:

Hogan didn’t say that a physical altercation ever took place, but he did suggest that Costa was smart to avoid a confrontation.

“There was a little run in with only one of the Cowboys. But you know what, he knew better than to step up cause he would have gotten slammed just like Andre the Giant.”

“And then Jerry Jones broke Costa’s ankle to teach him to respect me.”

Never change, Hulkster.