The Revival Are Reportedly Done With WWE, But Still Under Contract

The Revival, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, have been struggling in WWE for quite a while. They were beloved in NXT, but after Wilder suffered a broken jaw shortly after they were called up and then Dawson tore his bicep right when they returned, the powers that be at WWE just never seemed to regain faith in them. There have been rumors about them leaving WWE for well over a year, partly inspired by their friendship with the Young Bucks. They haven’t minced words about their experiences, and even the occasional title win hasn’t kept them from thinking about their post-WWE futures.

Now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the Revival are done appearing in WWE, and it’s just a matter of waiting out their contracts. Apparently the decision to stop using them is a result of their refusal to sign a new contract to stay with the company. Although previous reports were that their contracts were due to end next month, the new report says that Dawson’s contract, with the usual time added for being out with injuries, may not end until June of this year. There are rumors they were originally going to be part of a multi-team tag match at WrestleMania 36, but they’ve apparently been removed from that (if WrestleMania even happens, of course).

It’s a shame that WWE couldn’t find a use for the Revival that satisfied all involved, but hopefully they find their way out of these contracts and find a home where their old-school style is appreciated.