The Revival Says Their Experience In WWE ‘Has Been Exactly What You’ve Watched’


After losing the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35, the Revival have been in a feud with the Usos that has produced Raw segments so bad that there’s a widespread fan theory that they’re being punished for trying to leave WWE. Even before the “Ucey Hot” and the back-shaving-shaming, people were unhappy with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder losing all the time and being dumb angles.

Today, The Sun published an interview with the Revival conducted over WrestleMania weekend in which the tag team revealed their perspective on their time on the WWE main roster. According to Dawson, their expectations might have been too high when they moved from NXT to Raw:

The experience in WWE has been exactly what you’ve watched – it’s been up and down. Going into our main roster debut we were on a personal and creative high. But we had some unfortunate incidents – life happens. It’s what happens in this and any sport. When we came in and beat The New Day, with that kind of reaction, maybe that boosted our ego a little too much. It was like someone said, “Settle down, let’s put that chip back on your shoulder.”

Wilder added that working “with chips on our shoulders” has fueled them in the past and, though injuries slowed their trajectory, “you can’t dwell on things too long. We had to dust ourselves off.”

This seems like a very positive and realistic attitude for a team in the Revival’s position, whether or not they end up staying in WWE for long.