We Now Know When The Rock Is Getting His Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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The Rock has pretty much done it all. That’s hardly an exaggeration. Dwayne Johnson has been the biggest pro wrestling star in the world, the highest-paid actor alive, and the world’s sexiest man. He’s also probably going to be the President of the United States someday … or at the very least, people are never going to shut up about the fact that he SHOULD be.

He might also hold the title of BUSIEST man alive. He’s currently producing a bunch of projects, working on Ballers, promoting Jumanji, feuding with his Fast and Furious co-stars, and IMDb says he currently has 18 films in various stages of development or production. Eighteen. And somewhere in there, he’s still finding time to get completely ethered by apathetic children.

But there’s one accolade that Johnson has yet to receive: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We got the word last year that he would get his star in 2017, but now we might actually know the date. He’s getting it in just under the wire!

According to Variety, Johnson’s star will be unveiled in a ceremony on Dec. 13, conveniently exactly one week before Jumanji opens.

Johnson will finally join his old boss Vince McMahon on the Walk of Fame, although we’re guessing that unlike McMahon, his star won’t be hilariously close to Kermit the Frog’s star. Somewhat surprisingly (or not at all surprisingly, depending upon your worldview), McMahon and Johnson will be the ONLY two honorees on the Walk of Fame to be involved with pro wrestling (if you don’t count guest stars like Cyndi Lauper). Hulk Hogan doesn’t have a star on the Walk of Fame. Ric Flair doesn’t, either. Nor do Steve Austin, Andre The Giant, Gorgeous George, Jesse Ventura … not even Andy Kaufman. Just Rock and McMahon, a class of two.

There you go, all other wrestlers: all you have to do to get a star on the Walk of Fame is to transition into being the biggest movie star in the world. Piece of cake.

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