The Rock And Tyrese’s ‘Furious’ Feud Took Its Weirdest Turn Yet

One of two things are happening in the video above:

1) Someone sent Dwayne Johnson a copy of Tyrese Gibson’s album Black Rose, knowing that The Rock would have mean things to say about it, considering the current feud with his The Fate of the Furious co-star. That someone, whoever he or she may be (it’s definitely Vin Diesel), was right: The Rock calls it “the biggest piece of dog sh*t that I have ever heard.” He suggests Black Rose should be retitled “Big Piece of Black Dog Sh*t,” and that he’s never going to “f*cking forgive” Tyrese for “wasting my time” with his “soft dog sh*t” of an album. Wow, it’s no wonder Tyrese hates The Rock…

2) Except! The clip was shared on Wednesday on Tyrese’s Instagram (“Haters come in many forms,” he wrote. “In my Kanye voice #BlackRose is one of the greatest R&B Soul Albums of all time”), and it was apparently filmed in 2015, when the album was released. That, coupled with Dwayne Johnson’s sensationalized history with wrestling, suggests his feud with Tyrese — at least this part of it — could be fake.

Or not? Who knows! Honestly, I’m not sure if I care; both options are very entertaining, although not as entertaining as Tyrese Photoshopping himself on the cover of Forbes as the “New Billionaire Multi Media King.”

I hope this feud, or whatever, never ends.

(Via Instagram)