The Rock Says He ‘Can’t Wait’ To Make A Return To A WWE Ring

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has not stepped foot inside an arena for a WWE event in over two years, ever since his appearance at WrestleMania 32 where he was handed a flamethrower with which to set his name on fire.

Even though it’s been two years, there are rumors that pop up about The Rock finally coming back to WWE every year around WrestleMania season, because there was a while where that was the normal occurrence. However, as Hollywood’s top box office draw, Johnson is not only one of the hardest working men in the movie business with multiple movies coming out each year, but it’s also very important to the studios that he remains healthy.

That has generally kept him away from the WWE ring in any capacity other than cutting promos for years, and, as mentioned, he hasn’t even done that since 2016. However, there will always be a soft spot for the WWE from the Great One, and at the Skyscraper premiere he spoke with WWE’s Cathy Kelley about how he can’t wait to be back in the ring — even if he wouldn’t about when.

“I can’t wait to get back to a WWE ring,” Johnson said. “People always ask me ‘what’s it like being in a WWE ring?’ I always tell them there’s nothing like it. There’s nothing like inside a WWE ring because there’s a certain live crowd acumen that is second to none. That was always and will always be the best part of my job when it comes to wrestling. Whether I’m wresting a match or just giving a promo. That connection with the audience, there’s nothing like it.”

It’s the ultimate non-answer answer from The Rock, which is about what one should expect. A glance at his IMDb page shows there won’t be much of a window for that return to happen in the near future, as he’s currently filming Jungle Cruise and has four movies listed in “pre-production” which means they’ll be filming fairly soon.

That said, with SummerSlam on the horizon and WrestleMania ever-approaching, the rumors of The Rock’s return to the WWE ring will only persist and he’s not exactly dispelling those.

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