Behold The Greatest Rock Photoshop Ever Created

Getty Image

Disney’s Moana is already well on the way to becoming yet another smash hit and animated classic, and might finally be the breakthrough film for long-suffering indie actor Dwayne Johnson. It was bound to be an internet darling based on the involvement of The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda, but thankfully the film is already inspiring some enterprising hero/geniuses.

By combining The Rock’s legendary and iconic throwback fanny pack-and-turtleneck photo with his Moana character Maui, an image that appears to originally have been posted on Imgur has captured our hearts forever. The result is pure, unadulterated glory.

If, like me, you have had “You’re Welcome” stuck in your head for the past week or so, this should fill you with delight, wonder, and appreciation for the internet and for humanity in general. When times are tough and the weight of the world is upon you, be comfortable in knowing there are samaritans out there that will take the time to perfectly, lovingly, expertly craft something this wonderful for all of us.

Thank you, anonymous hero. Thank you so much. We know that if you were with us today, you would simply acknowledge all of us with a hearty and much-deserved … “You’re Welcome.”

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