The Rock Spent Easter Chasing His Daughter Around In A Giant Pikachu Costume

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took some time away from clangin’ and bangin’ in the gym, making record-breaking movies, and other daily Rock business for some family time on Easter. In Rocky’s house, the Easter Bunny isn’t what shows up to entertain his daughter, instead it’s the most electrifying Pokemon in all of sports entertainment, Pikachu.

The Rock dressed up in a giant Pikachu costume (again) and chased his daughter around while his dog Hobbs attacked his legs and made sure to take a video of it for all of us to enjoy.

The best part is the caption, in which he laments the fact that they didn’t account for the fact that his daughter can now run, which meant he had to chase her around for hours in an extremely hot costume while the dog tries to chew on his leg and piss on him. My biggest question is where you find a Pikachu costume big enough for The Rock. Like, was it custom made to fit him? I can’t imagine a costume store just happens to have one that size laying around, but either way, such a Pikachu costume does exist and The Rock now has one.

The Rock as Pikachu makes plenty of sense. As already stated, The Rock is electrifying and Pikachu is electric. The Rock has also lost to gym leader Brock (Lesnar, SummerSlam 2002), and Pikachu was (maybe still is?) the most popular Pokemon, just as The Rock was and maybe still is the most popular WWE Superstar.

It’s been a big year for Pikachus in wrestling, between this and the moonsaulting Pikachu from a Wrestling GO battle royale last month. Maybe he’ll start implementing “chasing a small child around in a wool fursuit” into his cardio program, because he’s sweating like he just got done with a full gym session in this video.

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