The Rock Took A Break From Clanging And Banging To Share A ‘Rumor’ About How Well ‘Furious’ Is Doing

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a professional movie star. Emphasis on professional. The dude’s always working, slipping into an expensive tux and YOU BETTER BELIEVE THERE IS CLANGING AND/OR BANGING to be had while maintaining a devoted social media presence. Unlike that goldbricking Daniel Day Lewis, Johnson never stops working. Today? He’s your personal gossip reporter. Move over, the hopefully still alive Ted Casablanca!

Decked out in workout gear and muscles, The Rock took a break between sets to pass along some insider info: His new film The Fate of the Furious is doing well at the box office, thank you so much.

“My phone’s blowing up and apparently, #FateOfTheFurious is the biggest global box office opening of all time – beating Star Wars,” declared the former Savio Vega enemy.

The Rock was quick to point out that Star Wars: The Force Awakens hasn’t been toppled from the cash-constructed spot just yet. He’s just passing this along a public service, y’know.

“It’s not official yet, but the moment it becomes gospel I’ll let you know., explains Johnson. “If it’s true, then you know gratitude is my jam and I’m SO GRATEFUL for the luv. If it’s not true, then I still luv ya back, but dammit its time for me to get back to jackin’ iron and carrying around my shaker cup like a little boy carrying around his blankly.”

Consider it official: Guaranteed to be successful blockbuster appears to be doing well at the box office.