Watch The Rock Make His Electrifying Return To WWE On Friday Night Smackdown

Finally, The Rock has come back to Smackdown.

As advertised, 10-time World Champion turned somewhat successful Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson returned to live WWE television for the first time in years in the opening segment of the Fox network debut of Friday Night Smackdown. It only makes sense to have the guy who gave the show its name make an appearance on its biggest-ever platform.

Rock opened the show in response to an in-ring confrontation between Becky Lynch and King Baron Corbin, first of his name and protector of the realm. If you’re wondering what nicknames Rock came up with for Corbin, those include, “broke ass Burger King on crack,” “35-year old virgin hanging out at Comic Con,” and, “super tough dude,” so he could make the crowd chant “STD.” It also gave us Baron Corbin dressed like a king yelling, “my testicles are perfectly adequate!” in the first segment of the first episode of wrestling on a new network, so it’s got that going for it.

You can watch a clip of the post-insult beatdown below.

The only thing missing was Becky Lynch hitting The Rock with a Stone Cold Stunner to see if it’d still make him do a bunch of backflips.