This Alternate Angle Of The Titus O’Neil Incident Will Leave You Just As Confused As Ever

After what we can only refer to as a downright bizarre altercation, Titus O’Neil found himself on the wrong side of a fine and suspension from WWE. The incident took place during the closing moments of the Feb. 8 WWE Raw, after Daniel Bryan announced his all-too-soon retirement from pro wrestling. Here’s the original angle, taken from the now-edited Raw broadcast:

Seems innocuous enough, right? Well, apparently Vince McMahon took such issue with the on-screen antics that he had to be talked out of firing O’Neil. Former WWE Superstar and current real life movie star Dave Batista thought even the suspension was extreme, telling O’Neil to ask for his release instead. Though his initial fine and 90-day suspension was knocked down to 60 days, people are still left wondering what exactly motivated such a swift and severe response from WWE. Now, new fancam footage has been posted of the night in question. But does it clear anything up? Like the most tedious of sports replays, let’s look at it from a different angle:

Oh yeah, that doesn’t explain anything.

While there are a number of going theories, the simplest is that WWE were just flexing their muscle and responded as if anyone in the company had acted inappropriately onscreen. Though, taking past allegations against the company into account, you’ve really gotta wonder what exactly the parameters for disciplinary action are in WWE.

(h/t Reddit)