Titus O’Neil On Race, Stereotypes In Wrestling, And How To Make A Difference In The World

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Thaddeus Bullard

Thaddeus Bullard is better known to the world at large as Titus O’Neil, the long-tenured WWE Superstar. Previously one-half of the Prime Time Players, the former tag team champion has spent the better part of the past year developing the Titus Brand, which has now morphed into Titus Worldwide, with Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa serving as his charges.

But the best stuff that Bullard has been doing has been outside the ring. We’ve known for years that he puts a lot of his free time and passion into charity work and giving back to the community, and he’s worn his heart on his sleeve about a number of worthwhile causes. We recently had a chance to talk to Bullard about some issues that loom larger than pro wrestling, and what ventures he’s leaping into next, beyond the squared circle.

This is just a portion of what we spoke to Bullard about. For the entire interview, you can listen to Episode 4 of the With Spandex podcast.

UPROXX: Do you feel like you’re adjusting well to sort of adjusting to sort of a managerial role in WWE with Titus Worldwide? You were an active in-ring competitor for so long; has it taken a little bit to get used to, or do you get to play with your personality a little bit more now?

Thaddeus Bullard: No, I mean I’m not, I don’t even know about you considering me as a manager. You know, I’m more like trying to just lead a stable, because eventually I am going to return to the ring in the right situation. But right now, I’m having a lot of fun helping other people have a lot of fun. I feel like Apollo has definitely benefited from the aspect of being able to show more of his personality, as well as Tozawa, and they both have tremendous in-ring talent. It’s just a matter of helping show their personalities more, because as you know, everybody knows in entertainment characters sell. You can be the best wrestler in the world, the best singer in the world, but if you can’t perform and have personality and character to you as an individual, then a lot of times there’s just a disconnect.

So you’ve built Titus Worldwide as a brand, and now you’re building Thaddeus Bullard as a brand. What advice can you give people who are trying to get out there and do their own thing and make their own way in the world?

First and foremost, be respectful. Be respectful to yourself first and foremost, and then be respectful to everybody you come in contact with. Because there’s an old saying that … the people that you see on the way up are also the same people that you’re going to see on the way down. I’m big on relationships, and building relationships, and maintaining them. I have tremendous relationships literally worldwide, which is the reason why this new character that I’m doing inside of WWE is just so fitting for me, because I legitimately can pick up my telephone and get access to anything I need, to anyone I need to. I think that has a lot to do with character, and I feel like if people push character and having good character more than they did race or religion or financial situation, or education level — I think if they just push character more than they push those other aspects of what it takes to be a good human being, and a successful one, I think a lot more people would be on their way to discovering new success based on simply being a good person.

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