The Hardys’ ‘Total Nonstop Deletion’ Special Has Been Postponed Due To Lack Of TNA Funds

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10.27.16 11 Comments


Dixie Carter, the primary owner of TNA, spent Wednesday in court, dealing with the lawsuit Billy Corgan filed against her. That court case has left Impact Wrestling in a state of limbo, as they’re unable to proceed with the sale of the company that would guarantee TNA is still around in 2017. Regardless of how much stock you put into all of these rumors and reports, things are now extremely grave, as the filming of the planned two-hour quasi-Christmas special filmed entirely at the Hardy’s North Carolina compound has been pushed back due to lack of funds from TNA.

Everyone knows that Broken Matt Hardy and his Broken Universe have been one of the best things about wrestling in the year 2016, full stop. Their planned special “Total Nonstop Deletion,” promised to have title matches, a tag team gauntlet match featuring TAG TEAMS FROM ACROSS TIME AND SPACE, and the PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING DEBUT OF A TODDLER. Now all of that is in danger, and this is the worst news I can imagine.

Luckily, there is still a plan to film the special, although production has been pushed back at least a few weeks, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. Apparently, “Total Nonstop Deletion” is a make-or-break episode for Impact Wrestling, so even if Billy Corgan is awarded control of the company next week — amazingly, a thing that could actually happen — the plan is still to go ahead with the special.

One source […] informed us that those involved with the postponed shoot were told that TNA didn’t have the money to fly talent to the Hardy compound next week due to their funds being frozen by the court once Billy Corgan was given a temporary restraining order.

Another thing to factor in … we’re told TNA will be in breach of their TV contract if they don’t produce an episode for December 15th — the episodes in the can leading up to TND end on December 8th — so there’s no way it won’t be filmed. Even if Corgan takes over.

Let’s hope the report is accurate and that the company still goes through with Total Nonstop Deletion. We need at least one more round of Broken Hardys genius in our lives. Don’t dangle two (nonstop) hours of Broken Hardys in front of us only to snatch it away.


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