Billy Corgan Has Reached A Settlement With TNA And Anthem Sports

After a bizarre few months for TNA, it looks like the company is no longer for sale. Anthem Sports, the parent company of the Fight Network, is now in charge of the company and now it looks like they’ve finally resolved their lawsuit with former TNA President and lender Billy Corgan.

On Friday, Corgan took to Twitter to announce that he has settled with TNA and Anthem.

More details look like they’ll be forthcoming next week, but for now at least this whole Corgan/TNA debacle is in the rearview. (As far as the courts are concerned, anyway.) Now Impact Wrestling can fully move forward with whatever their next ideas and next phase of operations will be under Anthem’s guidance.

I have to say, I really hope Anthem takes at least one idea from Corgan’s proposed plan and rebrands the company. The TNA name has cachet as far as their deep tape library, but that’s about it. They have a lot of talent under contract, and with a stronger creative vision, they can hope to regain some of the goodwill and buzz that they had back in the mid-aughts. But continuing on with the TNA/Impact Wrestling name is hitting the ground running with an albatross already around your neck. We’ll see what happens in 2017. For now, bring on Total Nonstop Deletion.