Get Ready For The First Annual Matt Hardy Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social

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11.23.16 3 Comments

If it’s been a few weeks since you’ve been able to catch up with the exploits of Broken Matt Hardy and his bizarre clan, there has been a significant development. Since the wild Hardy Halloween celebration, Matt has become even more broken, and has been suffering from a bout of amnesia. He now thinks he’s just a normal suburban dad, and has spent the past couple weeks trying in vain to get an ice cream social together.

If you have the time, you should really skip to the eight-minute mark in this video and watch Reby try to jog Matt’s memory by showing him The Final Deletion. It’s pretty wonderful.

But the important thing here is that the Hardys will spend this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling throwing the First Annual Matt Hardy Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social. The full announcement, from Impact Wrestling:

First Annual Matt Hardy Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social

You read that correct. This Thursday night, you are again invited to Cameron, NC for the Thanksgiving holiday hosted by Matt Hardy. Enjoy this trip into House Hardy and be thrilled by The First Annual Matt Hardy Thanksgiving Ice Cream Social.

Matt feels turkey on Thanksgiving is a bit dated and wants to start his own tradition that doesn’t involve eating or slaughtering turkey. While we continue to be entertained every chance we get to look into life in Cameron, NC, we are starting to worry about Matt Hardy. Will he ever get over his amnesia?

Remember it was The DCC who delivered the devastating shot to Matt to cause this lapse of memory and it has been weeks since Matt has remembered anything. It seems that while Matt is happy, many people are craving Broken Matt Hardy and wondering if he will ever return.

All we can do is hope that Matt is ok and happy with how is life is going for him in Cameron, NC. Also we get to enjoy all the offerings Matt has planned for Thanksgiving this Thursday.

I simply cannot think of a family I’d more like to spend this Thanksgiving with than the Hardy brood. Will Señor Benjamin prepare the turkey for carving? Will Vanguard-1 get a seat at the main table, or will he be seated at a sad card table with the rest of the drones? So many questions, and I look forward to ALL of the answers.

I’m ready for a new Thanksgiving tradition. You can DELETE your Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special and make room on the DVR for the broken Hardys.

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