TNA Has Partnered With Al Snow To Open A ‘Global Development Center’

Since 2010, Al Snow has been working with Impact Wrestling, both as an occasional in-ring performer and onscreen personality and as a behind-the-scenes producer, as well as one of the mentors on TNA’s British Boot Camp series. He’s also been running the Al Snow Wrestling Academy out of Croyden in the UK for the past several years. Now the two worlds are officially coming together, as TNA and Snow are partnering to open a “Global Development Center” for prospective TNA wrestlers. (Because maybe they’ll need more wrestlers soon.)

On Tuesday, the Facebook page for the Al Snow Wrestling Academy posted the following announcement:

Snow will serve as head trainer and will be joined by a whole host of talented and knowledgable trainers and coaches, including UK legend Doug Williams. It’s definitely a very cool facility and a stacked staff, with three-month courses for international students beginning in January.

While this may seem like the worst possible time for TNA to open a WWE Performance Center-like facility, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Basically it’s just an “official” partnership for Snow’s school, which has been operating like a TNA training academy for a while now, so nothing changes for him, but he gets the added benefit of whatever cachet is still left from invoking the TNA name. Should TNA go under or whatever, he’ll just revert to being the Al Snow Wrestling Academy. I’m sure it’s not costing TNA anything, either.