Davey Richards Announced 2017 Will Be His Last Year In Wrestling

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11.02.16 9 Comments

Since 2014, Davey Richards has been with TNA, which you could say has been having some trouble as of late. On Monday, former Knockouts Champion Maria Kanellis stated that she would be leaving pro wrestling soon to take on other pursuits. Now you can add another name to the “wrestling has been fun, but I’m out” list: former ROH World Champion and TNA Tag Team Champion Davey Richards, one half of the American Wolves.

From that second tweet:

At the end you always have to ask yourself why:

I guess I just had to prove it to myself that I could do something. That I wasn’t destined to be like all I saw around me. I was worth something even though my dad walked out or my mom chose drugs over me. Or maybe there had to be more than what this small town’s limits held. 

It wasn’t about fame, it wasn’t about money. It was about escape. Escape from this small dead end town, escape from a toxic family name, escape from a grim fate that everyone around me just readily accepted. The TV, the belts, the money and all that goes along with it was always secondary. It was the beliefs that I am good enough. I am worth it. I can escape this fate, I can change my family name that drove me. I believe I have done that.

I just wanted to be the best. Maybe it was revenge on my parents for abandoning me. Maybe it was to fill the void my grandparents left when they died. Maybe it was a self worth issue. Whatever it was I can honestly say I left every single thing I had in the ring every single night. You all gave me a reason to be, and I gave you every ounce of my heart and soul in that ring. It’s a very special place, a sacred ground for our dysfunctional and all the while beautiful family. A place where everyone belongs. I’m forever glad you accepted me into your family. I’m always there in spirit. 

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