Watch Tommy Dreamer And Katie Nolan Critique The Hardcore Moves Of Buffalo Bills Fans

If you’re up on your viral videos of deeply stupid sports fans doing dangerous wrestling moves to each other in stadium parking lots, you’re familiar with the Buffalo Bills. We’ve seen them hit each other with RKOs and go through flaming tables, but who are we to judge? We’re just bloggers. To truly critique this level of innovative violence, you’ve got to go to the Innovator of Violence himself, pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer stopped by Garbage Time to help Katie Nolan dissect some of the Bills fans’ greatest moments, and it’s unexpectedly charming. It’s nice to see a (recent) WWE Superstar go Full Smark and break down what happened, why it didn’t work, and why he didn’t enjoy it. Somebody should try doing that for wrestling shows. Also, what’s the football equivalent of a smark? A “fan?”

In the video, you’ll see Dreamer explain the kayfabe logistics of a chokeslam, throw shade at fans for audibly calling their spots instead of using proper ring … uh, parking lot psychology, and take Singapore cane shots for their sins. Now all we need is a Bills tailgate to suddenly go dark, and for the Wyatt Family to show up and brutally attack everyone.