‘Total Divas’ Will Finally Return From Hiatus After WrestleMania 33

Season 6 of Total Divas has really been an up-and-down affair. It has featured some of the most overtly “well, that isn’t even a little real” moments of its entire run, but it also has Rusev and Lana, as well as Miz and Maryse. But mostly, Rusev and Lana being the greatest couple ever has been the clear highlight of the season.

Unfortunately, the midseason finale dropped way back at the end of January, with the cliffhanger ending that the WWE Draft was about to begin. How could we possibly wait to find out what happened in July of 2016?! We heard back in February that they

Now, at long last, we finally have a return date for the back end of the sixth season. Total Divas will return to E! on Wednesday, April 5. And we have a teaser trailer!

Things we apparently have to look forward to:

  • Nikki’s comeback
  • Paige’s injury
  • Naomi’s “Feel the Glow” repackaging

Hell yes. The first half of this season was WAY too short on Eva Marie, so let’s get that back on track, please? How deep will Jonathan’s V-necks be to deal with her unfortunate suspension? So deep that you don’t even know.

Thanks for coming back, Total Divas. We missed you so.