‘Total Divas’ Season 7 Will Premiere In November

We’re currently just a couple scant weeks into the second season of Total Bellas, but a byproduct of that spinoff show is a Poochie effect that just makes us wonder when Total Divas is coming back. We got a bit of a truncated season last time around (or at least it certainly felt that way), and we already know that there’s some serious cast changeover. We hardly knew ye, Eva Marie.

Well, we finally get some concrete information on the Total Divas season seven return front. According to a new ad that dropped this week, the seventh season of Total Divas — with new cast members Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax — will be returning in November, which means that it will pretty much start immediately after Total Bellas season two ends. We approve of this tremendously, and would like to suggest to E! that they should just make it work like this all year round. No breaks, just the ladies we love. Kind of like WWE!

You can see the official spot for the new season below, with your first “official” glimpses of the new cast members. One thing’s for sure: season seven will have ropes. And … sweat.

Ropes and sweat, just like we like our Total Divas. Wait, that sounds horrible. Give us some footage soon, E!. You can keep the ropes and sweat. Or at least you don’t have to tell us about it. Be cool, E!. Be cool.