Triple H Celebrated With Fans And Answered Media Questions After NXT’s USA Debut

Last night was NXT’s debut on USA, even though they had to move to the Network after the first hour so USA could air the next-to-last episode of Suits. Despite that, and some problems with Network streaming, it seems like a success. After the show went off the air, Triple H came back out and addressed the live crowd at Full Sail, reminding them that they’re a part of NXT. He even went up into the stands to celebrate with people.

After that, Triple H had a media call where he answered a bunch of questions and addressed some concerns. He admitted that he’d heard about the Network streaming issues, and believes social media made the problem worse than it seemed to be, but also that he hopes it won’t happen again.

He said he’d told the wrestlers who performed that he’s very proud of them, but that this was a starting line, not a finish line. He also acknowledged that it’s challenging to book an introductory show like this, because they had to balance action with introductions, and work around the new challenge of commercial breaks. He admitted that there’s always room for improvement and that they’ll learn how to make the show the best it can be as it goes along. He said that while last night was heavy on action over promos and character work, that will balance out in time, especially in two weeks when they get the full two hours on USA.

Lio Rush’s return to the NXT ring is something they’ve been talking about for a long time, according to Triple H, who talked about what a great performer Rush is and what a great match he and Oney Lorcan had. He also had nice things to say about Sean Maluta, who’d been squashed by Cameron Grimes on the show, which Triple H said shouldn’t be taken to mean that they don’t like Maluta.

Tommaso Ciampa is also very close to returning, Triple H said, but he’s not 100% yet. He noted how exciting it will be when Ciampa does return.

Triple H said that NXT is happy to stay at Full Sail University, both because they have a partnership with the school and because the crowds there have become an important part of the NXT identity, which they want to maintain.

Vince McMahon had been in touch and was thrilled with last night’s show, according to Triple H, who said that Vince doesn’t get credit for acknowledging that there’s room for different kinds of products within the company. He said Vince understands that NXT is meant to be a different brand and is happy for their success.