Triple H Skipped Smackdown To Meet With Ronda Rousey

Via YouTube

While a few neckbeards might still think of him as Vince McMahon’s “doofus son-in-law,” there’s no doubt in most people’s minds that Triple H is an integral part of virtually every facet of WWE nowadays. Considering how much involvement he has in televised WWE event, there needs to be a pretty monumental reason for him to miss an episode of Raw or Smackdown Live.

Shoot, if Vince McMahon can wreck his car and still make TV, then it’s safe to assume no one has an excuse.

Well, it turns out that monumental reason is none other than Ronda Rousey. It’s no secret that WWE has been courting the most dominant woman in the history of UFC for quite some time now, with rumors heating up last month that a deal was nearing completion and that she may even be slotted in as a surprise entrant in the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Of course, rumors are just that, but now it’s come out (via TMZ Sports) that Triple H skipped Smackdown Live in Birmingham, Alabama, last night to have dinner with Rousey and her agent at L.A. restaurant Republique. When a paparazzo asked her what was taking place, Rousey’s only response was “I really enjoy fine dining,” complete with a Cheshire Cat grin. Watch for yourself:

It seems like an inevitability that we’re going to see Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring sooner than later. The question is, who will she be facing off against? One member of the WWE women’s roster has already called her out, and expect more to follow soon.

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