Trish Stratus Explained Which Female WWE Superstar Is The ‘Star Of The Division’

It’s arguable that Trish Stratus is the greatest female WWE performer of all time. (In this humble writer’s opinion, she is.) In the ring, in her promos, and in her general appearance and aura, she was a stellar hand. Her matches with Lita still hold as some of the best female bouts in the history of WWE. But, Stratus’ time has come and gone, and a new crop of female performers in WWE are storming through the gates.

In a new interview with Sports IllustratedTrish went into detail about the new generation of female grapplers, and had glowing things to say about Sasha Banks.

Sasha, to me, is a star. There are a lot of comparisons, but I don’t think we are that similar, actually, at all. But she’s the star of the division, and she’s the one. She really knows her character, she owns her character, and she’s so solid in the ring.

Stratus also spoke about that time that she and Lita main-evented an episode of Raw.

We got to the building that day, and there was a board with all of the matches written on it. Amy and I were riding together, and we thought the board wasn’t complete or that they hadn’t written the main event yet. Then one of the agents – Fit Finlay – said to us, ‘Are you ready for this?’ Then upper management started coming over and saying congrats, and I was like, ‘Holy sh**, this is a big moment.’

The former women’s champ also flirted with the idea of returning to WWE.

Could I physically go back and do what I did before? At this point, yes, I can do that. But I’d only go back if it was worth it and if it was a challenge for me. Something that’s different and unique, like playing a heel again, which would be super cool.

Say it with me now: “One more match. One more match.”

(Via Sports Illustrated)