Add NXT’s Tye Dillinger To The List Of Injured WWE Superstars

While we don’t yet know the severity, it looks like you can add NXT’s “Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger to the ongoing list of injured WWE Superstars.

The injury happened at Saturday night’s live event in Detroit, MI. Dillinger was wrestling Sami Zayn and went up and over to counter a suplex. His right leg hit the mat awkwardly, and soon Dillinger was on the ground. According to people at the show, the referee threw up the “X” symbol and immediately ended the match.

Here’s the clip of it happening. Keep your eye on Dillinger’s right leg.

While the WWE main roster has taken the brunt of the injury plague — hell, two members of the League of Nations alone suffered injuries this week — NXT has had its fair share of fallen stars over the past year, with Hideo Itami and Zayn himself as the highest-profile names.

We certainly hope the injury is minor — a jarred knee, maybe? — and not anything approaching the ACL tear it looks like. It didn’t look Seth Rollins bad, but you can never tell. We wish Tye a full and speedy recovery, and we also wish we didn’t have to type “we wish ___ a full and speedy recovery” more than twice a week.