Watch This Amateur Wrestler Pull Off John Cena’s Finishing Move

Whether it’s Buffalo Bills fans going Full-Western New York and slamming each other through plastic tables, or, well, literally anyone nailing an RKO, people love watching average folks pull of crazy WWE finishers. Although, to be fair, we wouldn’t exactly call Tyler Curd ‘average.’

This 220lb amateur wrestler from Missouri recently won the Cadet Greco National Championship, and as you can see from the video above, is working with some pretty incredible strength. Curd busted out WWE Superstar John Cena’s finisher — the Attitude Adjustment — during the 2016 USAW Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota. His opponent, Keaton Fogler, weighs just as much and Curd tosses him over like it’s nothing.

Though this seems like a fun fluke, this Curd kid is legit. Check out this clip of him competing back in Missouri and completely manhandling the poor kid who had to step into the circle with him:

Jesus effing Christ.

Whether it’s Jack Swagger, or current golden child Chad Gable, amateur wrestlers have been able to make names for themselves in WWE. Let’s hope they’re gonna get eyes on him after this, and he can grow up to suplex his way through literally everyone who gets in front of him.

(via FloWrestling)