The Undertaker Wearing Golf Clothes Is The Best Thing That Happened This Weekend

You’ve seen the Undertaker wearing a lot of different costumes. You’ve seen him disguised as Kane, you’ve seen him wrestle in a Phantom of the Opera mask, you’ve seen him fly to the ring as a bat. Hell, you’ve seen seen cool Instagram dad Undertaker, with his beanies and sunglasses and Roots Of Fight T-shirts.

What you may not have seen is the Lord of Darkness as golf grandpa in cargo shorts and sandals. Thanks to Reddit Golf, now you have.

Our response:

Actually, wait, no. This is great. We’ve got the perfect caddy.

We don’t know how good Taker is at golf, but we’re loving his semi-retirement (?) transition into the world’s most threatening Texas dad. I hope he played a round with Shane McMahon and told him if Shane won, he’d never play golf again and put Shane in charge of the club, then beat him and let him run the club anyway.