The Undertaker Is On A Truck, And Other Things We Know About WrestleMania 35

03.20.19 3 months ago


Nobody has been really sure if the Undertaker will appear at WrestleMania 35, even as the event gets closer. Taker hasn’t been a factor on WWE TV, so there’s no feud being built (not even the kind John Cena built last year without the Undertaker appearing), and Taker has been distancing himself a bit from WWE lately, implying that his WrestleMania days might be over.

However, Wrestling Inc noticed that the Undertaker’s face appears on a WWE production truck with “WrestleMania 35” branding, alongside Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey, Samoa Joe, and Big E. That seems to imply that there was at least a time not to long ago when WWE thought they’d be advertising Taker for Mania this year. The question is what’s happened in the meantime, and whether his presence is still a possibility.

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