The Undertaker Has Removed WWE From His Twitter And Is Taking Other Bookings


Something is going on with the Undertaker. You may have noticed the as WWE begins their build to WrestleMania 35, the idea of an Undertaker match — literally a staple of the event for decades — has gone unmentioned. For context, if the Undertaker’s not at WrestleMania, it will be the first time since WrestleMania 2000, and the first time he hasn’t had a match since WrestleMania X7 in 2001. And in fact, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that there are currently no plans for an Undertaker match being discussed backstage.

Meltzer also noted Taker’s increased activity on social media, which has often seen him posting images of himself as regular Mark Calaway, which has seemed odd to many people because he’s historically been very dedicated to keeping kayfabe alive as often as possible. As Meltzer put it (transcript courtesy of Cageside Seats) that may not reflect well on his current status with WWE.

You know, usually he’d protect that gimmick and he wouldn’t do a lot of public appearances, but now he’s looking for public appearances. So I don’t know what the relationship is with WWE.

Now, the Undertaker has not only removed all direct reference to WWE from his Twitter account: he’s begun publicly soliciting bookings:

Via Twitter

Whatever else that means, his relationship with WWE has definitely changed, and it does make a Mania match seem even less likely. Will he show up at an AEW event? That’s hard to imagine, but they may have already emailed him, so you never know.