Watch The Undertaker Return At Super Showdown And Attack AJ Styles Ahead Of WrestleMania

It looks like the rumors on when The Undertaker would return to WWE and who he’ll be stepping into the ring with this April at WrestleMania 36 in Tampa were all true.

The Undertaker made his return at the end of the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match for the prestigious™ Tuwaiq Mountain trophy® in the opening match of Thursday’s Super Showdown event in Saudi Arabia. The final two men in the match were supposed to be AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, but cameras caught Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson taking out Rey backstage. Styles, who claims to be the best WWE Superstar from any era and that he could beat anyone from any era, demanded a count-out victory if his opponent couldn’t make it to the ring before the end of a 10-count. Instead of a forfeit win, Styles got footage of some easily recognizable feet standing by a defeated O.C., and we all knew what was about to go down.

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The Deadman came to the ring in an absolute embarrassment of laser lights and, with only one chokeslam and without even removing his hat or jacket, pinned Styles to win the prestigious trophy (which had never been won before and only exists for this show).

Go ahead and officially pencil in “Undertaker vs. AJ Styles” on your 14-match WrestleMania cards.