The Undertaker Has Dropped 25 Pounds In Preparation For A WWE Comeback

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The past few appearances by WWE legend The Undertaker have been somewhere between underwhelming and concerning, with rumors of official retirements fueled by an apparent separation from WWE and appearances outside of the company fueling them.

But like every year, WrestleMania season means “Undertaker dot dot dot question mark” conversations. He showed up on the side of a WrestleMania 35 truck earlier this month and is reportedly going to head back to Saudi Arabia in May, so how’s he doing? Is he okay?

Taker’s latest post on social media answers at least one of those questions, as he announced a big-time weight loss and declared that despite being a 54-year old dead man, he ain’t dead yet.

“The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!! I’ve made some serious lifestyle changes in an attempt to offset the years of physical abuse my body has endured. One of the major changes was losing 25lbs. Goal reached!”

While it’s mostly just an Instagram ad for a meal prep company, it certainly looks like it’s helped Big Evil get into good shape again, and maybe this stop in Saudi Arabia won’t be as dangerous and breathe-through-the-teeth inducing as the last one.

And hey, John Cena still doesn’t have an opponent at WrestleMania 35. Maybe we’ll get a sequel to last year’s impromptu squash?