The Undertaker Says A Wrestler’s Character Is More Important Than Their Moves

10.01.18 9 months ago 15 Comments


The Undertaker has been in semi-retirement since 2010, wrestling in 19 matches over the past eight years, most all of which have been at WrestleMania or other major PPV events.

Even so, Taker remains one of the most beloved superstars in all of WWE, and the pop from a crowd when the bell tolls and the lights go out is about as loud as any reaction anyone on the roster gets. His character is as beloved and effective a gimmick as there’s ever been, and he believes that’s the most important thing in wrestling, not what kind of moves you can do.

Mark Calloway sat down in an out of character interview recently with Ed Young, the pastor of Fellowship Church, for a video series called ‘Wrastlin’ about wrestling and the bible, and discussed the need for a strong character over a strong move set, which is something he believes today’s uber-athletic stars have to learn (around the 6:00 mark of the below video).

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