Vickie Guerrero Got Remarried This Weekend, So Check Out This Photo From The Wedding

For nearly 10 years after her husband Eddie Guerrero’s death, Vickie Guerrero was pretty much a constant presence on WWE TV. Sometimes her character was a bit problematic and some of the things she had to do were cringeworthy, but the fact was, she was probably the most effective (and entertaining) heel of the past decade. Then, around a year ago, Vickie Guerrero left WWE, and hasn’t been seen since. So, what’s Vickie been up to since she excused herself from WWE?

Well, basically, Vickie’s been catching up on a lot of regular person stuff you miss out on in the WWE bubble. She went to college, got her medical administration diploma, started a new job with a medical insurance company and, this weekend, got remarried. Here’s a picture of Vickie, her daughters Shaul and Sherilyn and the new lucky dude, Kris Benson from the joyous occasion.


Vickie is now officially going by Vickie Benson, so the break from her old wrestling life is truly complete. No word on how the wedding itself went, but I’m going to assume it didn’t involve Triple H’s sledgehammer or secret video of the groom giving Alicia Fox back rubs. If you’re a former wrestler, you judge whether a wedding went well on a slightly different scale.

Congrats to Vickie and her new husband, and here’s to more happy normalcy to come!

via Wrestling Inc.