Vince McMahon Is Mad About His Own Product Being Good And Thinks NXT Is ‘Overrated’

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01.06.15 111 Comments

WWE Raw has been regressive and insultingly bad for as long as we can remember. WWE’s developmental promotion NXT is increasingly beloved and only a few weeks removed from putting on one of the best wrestling shows in years. They did it all year. When NXT stars get called up to Raw, they struggle. They get changed. They lose their characters and motivations. So where’s the disconnect?

If you believe the story being shared across various wrestling news sites this afternoon, the problem goes all the way to the top. Vince McMahon, wrestling genius, is upset that people are enjoying one of his shows.

Sources have described Vince McMahon as being “very grumpy” lately and it’s said that he does not like the perception that NXT is putting on better shows than the main roster is.

This has apparently resulted in a strange situation where Vince is souring on NXT talents before they even get called up. The whole idea behind NXT is that they get talents ready for the main roster. Vince is said to be very dismissive of NXT’s success and reportedly feels that some of the NXT stars are overrated.

This could explain why JBL made such a point to dump on The Ascension on Monday night, or why Adrian Neville might end up wrestling dressed as Mighty Mouse. It could explain why Adam Rose has been awkwardly feuding with a guy in a bunny costume for two months, or the tragedy of Emma, or any number of other examples. Look at Big E and Xavier Woods.

If this is accurate, any “pfft” noises and exaggerated old man laughs are appropriate. When your pro wrestling show’s making people who watch pro wrestling want to stop watching pro wrestling, you should be happy that SOMETHING you’re doing’s working, and maybe work to not screw that up. Maybe you shouldn’t position half your employees against the other half and call everyone lazy millennials. But what do I know? I don’t have a dinosaur skull on my wall.

And now, for the millionth time:

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