Vince McMahon Made The ‘Forbes’ Billionaire List For The Second Time

03.07.18 1 year ago


It’s gotta be nice to be WWE CEO Vince McMahon right now. (Or most days in the past few decades, I guess.) Not only is there an upcoming bidding war for WWE programming, but it’s also WrestleMania season … and the XFL is coming back in a little under two years. Possibly.

On Tuesday, McMahon got another accolade to add to his growing list — making the Forbes billionaire list for the second year in a row.

Listed at a net worth of $1.8 billion, McMahon has been steering the ship for WWE for nearly 40 years, and through the WWE Network and other TV deals managed to keep the largest professional wrestling company afloat when so many other companies have fallen by the wayside or languished in mediocrity. So the only surprise may be that it took this long for McMahon to officially break into the vaunted billionaire list.

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