Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 11/16/10 Season 3 Episode 11

Pre-show notes:

– For whatever reason Hulu doesn’t have this episode included in season three. They’ve got episode 10, followed by episode 12. A random episode from NXT Redemption’s tacked onto the end of the season because I guess nobody’s watched this much of it and realized the mistake. Regardless, you can still watch the episode for free on WWE’s YouTube channel.

– Be sure you’ve read the Best and Worst of NXT season 1, the Best and Worst of NXT season 2 and what we’ve done so far in the Best and Worst of season 3. We’re almost done, and then we start season 4, now known as “TNA Gutcheck season 1.”

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Worst: The Newlyhired Game

This week’s first competition is the cleverly named “How Well Do You Know Your WWE Pro,” a contest that asks … well, you can figure it out. It’s the Newlywed Game, but for wrestling. Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman would destroy this contest forever in season 4, but for now it’s just rookie Divas standing in awkward silence and answering basic questions until Matt Striker finishes up and herds them to the back.


– The first question is, “when I first saw my rookie, I thought she was blank.” I wanted Kelly Kelly to stand up, throw up her hand and yell “ME, THAT’S ME.”