The Stars Of ‘GLOW’ Revealed How Wrestling Superstar Virgil Inspired The Show’s KKK Story


When he’s not busy helping a porn star run for President or taking the current President for meat sauce at the Olive Garden, Wrestling Superstar Virgil is, apparently, inspiring plot points in one of this year’s best television shows, Netflix’s GLOW.

One of the most unforgettable scenes in season one featured Cherry Bang and “Welfare Queen” Tammé upping the creative ante for their first live match by changing the gimmick of Dawn and Stacey — usually Edna and Ethel Rosenblatt, the “Beatdown Biddies” — from old ladies to hood-wearing, hate-spouting white supremacists. The Biddies (Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson) appeared on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho and explained that the inspiration for that didn’t come from the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, but from an infamous angle in the catalogue of the Million Dollar Man’s money-fanning man-servant.

Their comments, with a transcription h/t to Wrestling Inc:

“It’s like a cool inspiration. And then, they get to pull inspiration from all different wrestling stories. Even just us in episode seven doing the KKK [gimmick]. It was based on a match not in women’s wrestling … Look it up. It’s dark. [Virgil] got lynched at the end of it. Yes, it was so messed up.”

If reading that made you go, “wait, what,” don’t worry; here’s the original angle in question from 1995’s National Wrestling Conference SLAMMIN’ TV, featuring Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and “The Thug” jumping and trying to lynch Virgil while dressed as KKK members. Enjoy (?).

At least you got the image of Virgil entering to ‘Whoomp (There It Is)’ before the bad stuff started. If the upcoming season 2 is looking to pull more from Virgil’s dense history, let’s hope they skip ahead a few years and have Sheila the She-Wolf join the West Texas Rednecks.