Watch The Guitarist From ‘Every Time I Die’ Show Why He Might Have A Future In Pro Wrestling

Hey, WWE. Can we pump the brakes on Tough Enough for just a week or two? I think there’s another video you need to see.

This impressive (yet unofficial) submission comes to us from Andy Williams, the rhythm guitarist for Buffalo metalcore band Every Time I Die. Williams happened to be in Toronto a few days ago, on the same weekend as a benefit show put on by Smash Wrestling, and things ended up getting a bit heated. TMZ has the video, which shows Williams interfering in a match to save Matt Cross, who you might recognize as Lucha Underground’s very own Son of Havoc.

Here’s a clip via Williams’ Twitter:

Is anyone else seeing just how big Williams is? He looks like a dock worker from the 1920s who makes a little money on the side by entering bare-knuckle boxing tournaments. He’s apparently been a wrestling and MMA fan for quite some time, and it sounds like stepping into the ring for Smash was a very big deal to him. Again, from TMZ:

Smash Wrestling director James Kee says he met Williams through a mutual friend, and knew he’d be great in the ring…

Kee says Williams worked on his grappling technique ahead of time, and plans to train even harder so he can do a full match in the future.

Count me as interested for any upcoming full matches. Although I have to wonder, is it considered bad etiquette to use your own band as entrance music? And speaking of Williams’ Every Time I Die bandmates, this is actually kind of a cool full-circle moment for Matt Cross. On his Facebook page, Cross reveals that he was in the band’s music video for “The Logic of Crocodiles.”

[protected-iframe id=”983b9fcded5d3adeda2cc94f4f9f2463-60970621-19917426″ info=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

I’ll have to take his word for it because that’s a lot of bodies. I think he missed a golden opportunity to hit a shooting star press into the mosh pit.

(Via TMZ)