The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 8/3/98: Dog Days Are Over

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All Day I Dream About Sting

Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro: Bret Hart announced that Sting was being screwed, Eric Bischoff announced that Steve Urkel was nWo black and white, and Hollywood Hogan announced that he was going to saddle up and ride Diamond Dallas Page’s butt through the straddle of the night. Lots of great things happening on Nitro!

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And now, the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for August 3, 1998.

Worst: Not Tonight

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A quick recap: after having him lose the WCW Heavyweight Championship to William Scott Goldberg in the Georgia Dome, WCW’s Executive Committee gave Hulk Hogan a 3-month long “make-good” where he gets to wrestle celebrities and still main-event pay-per-views despite not being champion. He wrestled NBA star Karl Malone at Bash at the Beach, and now he’s set to face talk show host Jay Leno as the opening act for a Travis Tritt concert at Road Wild.