The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 9/23/96: Hulk Hogan Gets Petty

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10.19.15 34 Comments

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And now, please enjoy from the vintage Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro for Sept. 23, 1996.

Best/Worst: Konnan Is Dungeon Of Doom For Life

This week, we open up the show with the dream team of Juventud Guerrera and Brad Armstrong (“Young and Strong”) vs. The Taskmaster and Konnan, aka “Squat and Accidents.” Most of the proper WCW roster is in Japan, and I’m legitimately mad that the nWo didn’t replace every single one of them with an imposter and use them to successfully fool Sting.

Anyway, Konnan wrestles the entire match until the end, when Taskmaster tags in, hits one double-stomp and wins. Taskmaster and Big Bubba then turn on Konnan and beat him up, but SURPRISE, it’s not a turn, it’s an “initiation.” The Dungeon of Doom is a street gang now, I guess, and long gone are the days when you got inducted into the group by knocking down Hulk Hogan with an ancient exploding rock wall. Pretty sure Shark got his Dungeon gig by showing up with teeth painted on his cheeks and saying, “I’m a shark.”

Konnan deals with the beating with good nature, then spits all over the camera trying to say he’s Dungeon of Doom for life. Life is about another year, if you’re keeping track, as of course Konnan eventually joins the nWo and becomes that for that.

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