The Best And Worst Of WCW Thunder 2/19/98: Supply And Da Man

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Previously on the Best and Worst of WCW Thunder: Macho Man Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan got into a battle of passive-aggressive apologies to set up a tag team match against Sting and Lex Luger on Nitro. This turned into an aggressive-aggressive battle of everybody punching each other.

If you’d like to watch this week’s episode on WWE Network, click here. In the coming weeks you’ll be able to read all the Thunder recaps on its UPROXX tag page, and of course if you’re reading these, you’re hopefully reading the corresponding Nitro bits as well.

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And now, the Best and Worst of WCW Thunder for February 19, 1998.

Worst: Before We Even Begin, Here’s An nWo Run-In

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Instead of waiting for the main event to go on for 40 seconds before sending everyone on the team into the ring for some battle royal violence, the New World Order cuts out the middle-man this week by simply attacking their opponents en masse while they’re walking through the parking lot. They catch Macho Man Randy Savage scandalously talking to Lex Luger — they think it’s about Savage wanting to turn on them or something, but if they’re having a parking lot conversation there’s a 75% chance it’s about drugs — and beat the shit out of them. They carry Savage into the arena themselves. WE HOPE THIS DOESN’T CAUSE OUR ANNOUNCED MAIN EVENT OF STING VS. MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE TO BE BAIT-AND-SWITCHED, FANS.