William Regal Showed Off His Dance Moves At An NXT House Show

There are few people in professional wrestling more respected than William Regal (Lord Steven Regal, if you’re nasty). The general manager and one of the faces and masterminds behind WWE’s NXT brand has been everywhere and has done it all, but spent the vast majority of his wrestling career playing pompous stuffed shirts or dastardly bruises. As such, it’s not often that Regal — either the person or the character — really gets a chance to cut loose.

Thankfully, Regal is currently on a house show tour with NXT on the west coast, and when the show stopped by Sacramento, California, Regal not only got to cut loose, but he got to cut a rug. He was welcoming the crowd back from intermission when the familiar strains of No Way Jose’s theme song broke in. And as everyone knows, it’s nearly impossible to not move your body to No Way Jose’s theme song. Generally in an incredibly sensual manner.

William Regal is only human.


Thank you, based Regal, for blessing the world not only with your sweet dance moves, but also with this GIF.

And Regal also implored referee Drake Wuertz to get in the ring as well, leading to an amazing combination razzle-dazzle and do-si-do.

THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you for these gifts, NXT. Please make sure this happens at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, as well.

(This will not happen at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn as well.)