Matt Hardy Won The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Thanks To Some Surprising Help

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WrestleMania is, of course, the biggest pro wrestling show of the year, every year. Appropriately, WWE usually reserves its biggest and most important moments and surprises for this show every year. Last year, the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE after years away at WrestleMania 33 and won the Raw Tag Team Championship in a ladder match on their first night back.

WrestleMania 34 was assured to have its own share of surprises, given Braun Strowman’s mystery tag team partner, the intrigue surrounding Rey Mysterio, the giant question mark that is the Undertaker, and plenty of other stuff. But the surprises got underway early on the Kickoff show during the fifth Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Many assumed the Andre would be a place for some long-missing stars to make a comeback. This could have been a perfect spot, for example, to bring back Samoa Joe, who had been off WWE television since early January, since he injured his foot on Raw.

The only “surprising returns” in an injury/missing sense were the Colons, who made their first appearance back in WWE since Epico Colon had shoulder surgery in January (although Primo appeared on Smackdown relatively recently). R-Truth was also back in action after his own injury. But neither of those returns were really earth-shattering news, and no other surprise entrants popped up … until the very end of the match.

When the battle royal was down to its final three men, Baron Corbin and Mojo Rawley were about to eliminate Woken Matt Hardy, when the lights went out, and Bray Wyatt appeared for the first time since being “deleted” in the Ultimate Deletion at the Hardy Compound.

It appears this will be a kindler, gentler Bray Wyatt — one who will be aligned with the Woken Hardys. (Whenever Brother Nero returns from his own injury, of course.)

We certainly hope this leads to a renaissance of Wyatt being an important part of WWE again … and maybe even winning some matches for a change.