Let’s Guess Braun Strowman’s Potential Tag Partner For WrestleMania 34


Make no bones about it: Braun (er, sorry: BRRRRRRAAAAAAUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!) Strowman is one of the most popular Superstars currently in WWE. It seems like every week, he pulls off a never-before-seen feat of strength, whether it’s flipping over the stage, flipping over a semi truck, flipping over a baby grand piano … the guy’s really into flippy sh*t, is what we’re trying to say.

This past Monday on Raw, Strowman entered a tag team battle royal designed to find an opponent for Raw tag team champions the Bar, and even though he had no partner in the match, he still ended up clearing house and punching his ticket to WrestleMania 34. There’s only one problem: Presumably, Braun Strowman needs a tag team partner for his upcoming tag title match against Sheamus and Cesaro. That’s where we come in!

Below are some of our favorite ideas for Strowman’s partners, based on fellow Superstars who currently have no place on the WrestleMania 34 card. Who do you think Strowman will recruit?



Sure, Braun and Elias have been in a relatively one-sided feud for the past few weeks — Braun has smashed pianos, standup basses and various other musical instruments on Elias’ back — but there’s no doubt that Elias is one of the hottest acts on Raw right now, just barely behind Braun in popularity. The Monster Among Men could do a lot worse than picking the Drifter as his partner, as he held his own in the Elimination Chamber last month (and try as he might, Braun hasn’t paralyzed him yet).


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After missing some time due to injury last fall, Samoa Joe returned to Raw earlier this year, hot as ever, and was being groomed for a feud with John Cena before he got injured again. We haven’t heard a peep from him since before the Royal Rumble — presumably, WWE is holding him back for a surprise appearance, and what better surprise would there be than if he were Braun’s tag partner?

The two went to war with each other at SummerSlam last August, so Braun knows Joe can both receive and give a beating. Seeing as how Joe wasn’t on the WrestleMania 33 card, either, this seems like a good way to get a legitimate star onto the Show Of Shows.


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It’s easy to forget now, but Braun Strowman came up initially as part of the Wyatt Family, serving as Bray Wyatt’s heavy until the family was broken apart during the Brand Extension Draft. Yes, Bray’s a bit tied up with Woken Matt Hardy at present time, but he doesn’t have a spot on the WrestleMania card yet, and he’s a former Smackdown Tag Team champion, so he knows a thing or two about attaining gold. Plus, a mini-Wyatt Family reunion could just as easily lead to a feud between the two alphas down the line, something Strowman recently said he wants.



He’s one of the longest-tenured wrestlers still in WWE, even though he’s been shifted to semi-active status in recent years. Still, Show’s series of matches last year with Strowman were huge torch-passing moments, and what better way to put the finishing touches on the legendary giant’s career than with a final WrestleMania moment next to one of WWE’s brightest young stars — and a championship to boot?



Please, God, don’t let it be Kane.



“Any man with two hands has a fighting chance.” The journey of James Ellsworth — possibly the unlikeliest WWE Superstar in decades — is inextricably linked with the rise of Braun Strowman, as Ellsworth was Strowman’s very first victim in his singles career. Since then, the two have had brief run-ins at Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, but they’ve largely been kept apart since their infamous squash match.

Tell me you wouldn’t lose your goddamn mind to see Strowman carry James “I have two Offspring tattoos” Ellsworth to the ring by his waistband as if he were some sort of decorative handbag at Mania — and leave as the tag team champions. The odd couple lives!


Let’s be honest here: Braun Strowman could walk into WrestleMania 34 with no one backing him up, and odds are, he’s still coming out as the Raw Tag Team Champion. So what if he does just that, telling Kurt Angle he’ll handle this on his own? It could lead into the Raw after Mania, assuming Strowman wins, where there could be another battle royal to determine Strowman’s partner from there on out, this time with some surprise NXT entrants — just imagine Lars Sullivan coming out, wrecking shop and laying claim to the other half of the tag championships. Strowman and Sullivan would be the Brothers Of Destruction v2.0, and man, could that become fun TV.

Who do you think Braun Strowman’s WrestleMania 34 partner could be? Leave your guess below!