The WrestleMania 34 Stage Design May Have Leaked Online

03.22.18 1 year ago 3 Comments


Nothing can ever stay a secret on the internet when it comes to wrestling, everything that’s meant for shock and surprise eventually comes to light before it’s supposed to. After a Wednesday leak, the WrestleMania 34 set might be the latest secret uncovered.

WrestleMania sets always reflect the theme of the city that it’s in. Or at least, they have for the past couple decades. Who can forget THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE and THE STATUE OF LIBERTY at WrestleMania 29? Or WrestleMania 33, when the the Orlando Camping World Dome was turned into a giant theme park? It was the ultimate thrill ride, you know.

While this isn’t quite as exciting as the endless slew of helicopter shots that we were gifted with of the roller coaster set in progress last year, this is at least something!

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