Here’s The WWE Superstar Who Replaced Roman Reigns Against Goldberg At WrestleMania

On Thursday night, news broke that Roman Reigns had reportedly dropped out of his scheduled Universal Championship match against Bill Goldberg at the pre-taped, cinematic, Performance Center version of WrestleMania 36 due to health concerns, as his multiple battles with leukemia have left him immunocompromised during a global pandemic.

Social media has spoken up with recommendations on who should replace The Big Dog® in the match, ranging from the correct choice (Matt Riddle) to everyone from R-Truth to Kofi Kingston to Keith Lee to Kevin Nash. With help from Scott Hall’s taser, of course. Per a report from Wrestling Observer Radio, however, someone has already taken Reigns place in the match, and it’s already been taped.


According to WOR, the Monster Among Men™ Braun Strowman took Reigns’ spot in the match, and what actually happened in the bout is unknown. Gonna take a wild guess and say it didn’t go longer than three minutes, though. Strowman’s most recent appearance was in an Intercontinental Championship loss to Sami Zayn at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view back on March 8, which feels like it happened roughly 200 years ago. Braun has kept busy on social media during the quarantine by telling independent wrestlers to just not be poor. WOR also mentions that WWE is expected to air a segment on tonight’s Friday Night Smackdown announcing the change.

Let’s hope the WrestleMania match ended with Strowman winning the championship and celebrating with a returning Nicholas, who then immediately turned heel on him a la Kevin Owens on Sami Zayn to set up a championship match for Empty Arena Extreme Rules.