Pro Wrestlers Are Speaking Out About George Floyd And The Minneapolis Protests

Unless you’ve been deep down in the wrestling cave, you already know what’s going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd was brutally, unjustifiably murdered by police, trapped on the ground with a knee to his neck. That has led to massive protests in the city, which the police have escalated to violence that the protestors are now being blamed for. Meanwhile similar protests are happening in Louisville, Kentucky, in the name of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was murdered by police who invaded her home.

All over the United States and the world, people are speaking out against police violence, and in support of the communities that disproportionately face it. Quite a few WWE Superstars, as well as wrestlers from AEW, Impact, and elsewhere are making their voices heard on the subject.

WWE Superstar turned Hollywood actor Dave Bautista expressed his feelings in a no-holds-barred Instagram video:

Titus O’Neil, who consistently seems like one of the best people in WWE (despite the fact that we never see him on WWE TV), also had a lot to say.

But plenty more in the wrestling community spoke out in support of Floyd, Taylor, and other victims of racist violence:

And many have also shown support for the protests that are being demonized by the President and much of the media:

Sami Zayn also posted this video of the great James Baldwin speaking on the slow march of “progress”:

While NXT Manager Malcolm Bivens offered some words from Malcolm X:

Bivens, Liv Morgan, and others also shared their financial support of the Minnesota Freedom Fund, who are bailing out protestors, and encouraged others to give as well.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a complete list of wrestlers who are on the right side of this issue. A lot of people are RTing other people’s posts (particularly Naomi’s), or posting the same few images without additional text, and obviously those weren’t included here. Wrestling can feel like a pretty sketchy business sometimes, and it’s honestly encouraging in a dark time like this to see so many of the performers we admire standing up for justice.