You May Be Surprised Which WWE Superstar Had The Most Matches In 2017

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Even if you’re not usually a stat guy, it’s always interesting to look at the numbers and see how they line up with the impression we get just by watching things unfold. For example, we recently learned that with Dean Ambrose’s recent injury, Jimmy Uso is the new Iron Man, holding the record for the longest streak of wrestling matches without having to take more than 40 days off.

And thanks to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we have a whole bunch of new statistics about how WWE Superstars did in the calendar year of 2017: who wrestled the most, and how much they won or lost. Let’s take a look:

MOST MATCHES: Jinder Mahal 185, Baron Corbin 181, A.J. Styles 179, Sami Zayn 178, Charlotte Flair 173

All of these make sense, and one hopes Sami Zayn’s proven status as a workhorse will reflect well on his future with the company.

MOST WINS: Dean Ambrose 144, Shinsuke Nakamura 131, Seth Rollins 127, A.J. Styles 117, Roman Reigns 116

I wouldn’t have guessed Dean Ambrose as the winningest guy of 2017, but on futher reflection, he certainly hasn’t had a bad year. Neither have Shinsuke, A.J., and the other two Shield guys, for that matter.

HIGHEST WINNING PERCENTAGE: Asuka 1.000, Nikki Bella .947, Aleister Black .916, Drew McIntyre .899, Finn Balor .889

Obviously Nikki’s absence for most of the year means she didn’t have to win as many matches as the rest of these folks. It’s nice to see Finn on the list as well, since he’s one of those guys whose “burial” we all like to fret about.

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