Sasha Banks, John Cena And Ultimate Warrior Are The First Wrestlers Announced For The ‘WWE 2K17’ Roster

It’s beginning to feel like the most-anticipated part of any upcoming WWE 2K game is who is going to be on the roster. Last year’s WWE 2K16 boasted about having the largest roster of any WWE game ever, but didn’t even have NXT’s Four Horsewomen in the game.

This year, the annual slow roster reveal is getting started on the right foot. Although the first star revealed for WWE 2K17 was Goldberg, who was pulled out of a hatch and put in a police car headed to Suplex City, the first proper roster reveal is happening at the ongoing E3 expo in Los Angeles. Resident WWE artist Rob Schamberger is painting a massive mural at the 2K booth, which was said to feature the first wrestlers who will be part of the 2K17 roster.

It’s clear to see who will be represented in this mural, even at these early stages.

Yes, that is the Boss, Sasha Banks, alongside two other WWE icons, Ultimate Warrior and John Cena. 2K is getting wayyyy out ahead on that whole “Four Horsewomen” controversy this year, which is definitely a good thing. This means it’s almost a lock that Charlotte, Bayley and Becky Lynch will all be in the game.

So it’s officially WWE 2K roster speculation season, everyone. We might get a WWE game this year that has Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura right out of the box. Dammit, I think they’ve got my money yet again.